Name Change FAQ

An exciting new look is coming to NAS JRB Credit Union and we want you, our valued members, to be the first to know.  NAS JRB CU is changing its name and we want to tell you why.

For many years, NAS JRB CU has been known for quality service, integrity and commitment to our members and their families. We are proud of our roots serving military families, retired military, federal civil service employees, employees of Chevron Chemical Company (Oak Point Plant) and staff of Belle Chasse Academy. Our credit union was founded on the hard-working principles of members like you.

Credit unions and the financial environment in which we operate have changed dramatically over the last few years. Increased competition and financial deregulations have changed how we operate and in some ways has hindered our growth. As we continue serving you the with the products, services and other member-friendly conveniences you need and deserve, it is important we evolve and make changes necessary to help our credit union grow.

Effective April 2, 2022, NAS JRB CU will proudly be known as INSTEP Credit Union. This name change has no impact on any of your accounts and we are not being sold. You and your fellow members will always be our credit union’s owners, and we will continue providing the personal service you have come to expect.  In fact, we believe we will serve you even better as we grow and increase our resources.

If you have any questions regarding the name change or any aspect of the credit union, please visit your local branch, or call (800) 328-1120. Look for additional information in upcoming communications.

Name Change FAQ

  • What does INSTEP mean?

    In step is a military term for marching and highlights how our credit union comes along side its members. Our credit union helps members reach many of life’s milestones including buying their first car, owning a home, fulfilling the dream of a college education, and retiring comfortably.

  • Is this a merger or sale of NAS JRB Credit Union? Is NAS JRB Credit Union changing ownership?

    No, this is not a merger or sale. Our members still own the credit union. The credit union is not under new ownership and our committed staff, managers and directors are all still serving you and your best interests. We are just changing the name, not the way we do business.

  • How will this affect my membership status?

    Not at all. The name change has no impact on member status. You and your fellow members will always be our credit union’s owners.

  • Will my NAS JRB Credit Union debit and credit cards still work?

    You can still use your current NAS JRB Credit Union debit and credit cards. Your old cards eventually will be replaced with new cards displaying our new name and logo.

  • Can I still use NAS JRB Credit Union checks and deposit slips?

    You can continue to use your NAS JRB Credit Union checks and deposit slips. Your old checks eventually will be replaced with new checks displaying our new name and logo.

  • Is the management or Board of Directors changing?

    No. You’ll still see the same friendly faces at our branches and events.

  • Will I have to change automatic drafts and direct deposit information?

    Automatic drafts and direct deposits will continue to use the same routing/transit account numbers as now. These numbers have not changed, so there is no need to update this information.

  • Will this affect my loans, savings and investments?

    The name will not impact any of your accounts. If you currently have certificates of deposit, these remain valid and at renewal time will be replaced with our new name and logo. There is no need to do anything.

  • Is NAS JRB Credit Union moving away from its affiliation with the military?

    Not at all! NAS JRB CU is proud of our history with the military. We would not be here today if military members and families had not founded this credit union and continued supporting us for so many years. Far from being a move away from our roots, this change is in reality a proactive step towards becoming a bigger, better financial institution.

  • What are some of the positives of the name change?

    Members will continue to enjoy superior service. Rates on deposits and loans will remain competitive. Our growth and increased resources will allow us to serve our members even better. A new name, but an old commitment.