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Fees Updated 11/01/2016

Share Savings Accounts Fees
Share Account - Excessive Withdrawals $3.00/withdrawal after 3 in a 30 day period
Christmas Club Account - Early Withdrawals $50.00
Certificate of Deposit (6 & 12 Month) - Early Withdrawals 90 days of Interest
Certificate of Deposit (2 & 5 Year) - Early Withdrawals 6 Months of Interest
IRA Account - Open or Close $10.00 per account
Back To School Account - Early Withdrawals $50.00 per Withdrawal

Sharedraft Accounts Fees
Overdraft/NSF $28.00 per item
Member Privilege $28.00 per item
Stop Payment (Valid For 6 Months) $15.00 per request
Stop Payment (Valid For 12 Months) $25.00 per request
Check Printing Price vary depending on style
Freedom Sharedraft No Charge
United Sharedraft  $3.00 monthly service fee /$250.00 average daily balance or have direct deposit
Patriotic Sharedraft No Charge

Loan Application Fees
Rejected application that is resubmitted by same member within 30 days $25.00 per application
Satisfaction of Lien $25.00 per Lien
All unsecured loans except for loans with designated fees $15.00 per Application

Other Services Fees
Copy of Check Provided By CU $2.00 per each month requested
Statement Copy (Current Year) $5.00 per each month requested
Account History Printout By CU $2.00 per each month requested
Account Reconciliation/Research $25.00 per hour
Account History or Check Copy Faxed or Mailed $2.00
Year End Statements $5.00 per month copied
Returned Checks (3rd Party Check) $25.00 per item
Returned Checks (3rd Party Check) - Shared Branch Deposit $25.00 per item
Cashiers Check - Member $6.00 per item
Cashiers Check - Non-Member $12.00 per item
Money Order - Member $1.25 per item
Money Order - Non-Member $2.25 per item
Outgoing Wire Transfer or Western Union $14.00 per wire within US; $30 International
Visa Cash Advance - Member No Charge
Visa Cash Advance - Non-Member ($50.00) $2.00 per transaction
Mail Returned (without member notification) $10.00 per month
Dormant Account (inactive after 12 Months) $10.00 per month
Visa Travel Card - Member $3.00 per card
Visa Travel Card - Non-Member $5.00 per card
Visa Travel Card Reload $2.00 per load-member and non-member
Visa Gift Card - Member $3.00 per card
Visa Gift Card - Non-Member $5.00 per card
Items sent for Collection $10.00 per item
Legal/Levy $25.00 per item
Temporary Checks $1.00 for 4 checks
Pin Reissue $2.00 per request
One Time ACH Request $5.00 per Transaction
Manually Inputting Direct Deposits $25.00 per Occurrence
Re-Open Accounts $5.00 after 6 months & account in good standing; $20.00 for accounts not in good standing & after charged off balance paid in full
Balance Inquiry Fee $2.00 per Phone Inquiry
This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
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